BOTR015 - EXAEL :: “Ghost Hologram” CDR
Beer On The Rug is delighted to present our latest release, Ghost Hologram, the stately debut from contemporary classical auteur Exael. The album was conceived and produced over the course of six months, Spring and Summer 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas. Exael’s ouevre regally translates spheres of love lost and towering expanses of crafted sound interfaced with past harbingers by way of out of body experience.

Limited edition of 100 compact discs
Mastered by Josh Thomas
Layout by Paul Browning
Pro-printed inserts

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YYU is preoccupied with time. The looping and sampling musician used it in the title of his record (four times), gives his songs timestamps as titles, and sings about it quite a bit, specifically on the track “yyyy” where he loops his vocals to say ‘time’ for nearly most of the song. This obsession with time isn’t coincidental; instead it gives YYU’s music a sense of urgency and sensitivity. Opener “for hands/ moo.3” feels like waking up lost amongst a sea of endless screensavers, building and exploding in one’s field of vision. “um (don’t be)” is an example of YYU’s emotional intensity, strummed and looped as his fragile voice croons above. “&time” is the (un)holy meeting of natural and digital music: sensitive guitars layer upon YYU’s gorgeous vocals before bursting into a looping jubilee of syllables and drum hits. What makes YYU so special is his ability to synthesize feelings that are completely alien and utterly human. This alliance of natural and electronic sounds sometimes clash and overpower each other, but do so in the most serene way possible.

-Impose Magazine

Limited edition of 75 cassette tapes
Design assistance by Paul Browning

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BOTR013 - 情報デスクVIRTUAL :: “札幌コンテンポラリー” CDR
The multi-faceted New Dreams Ltd. saga continues onward with 情報デスクVIRTUAL serving yet another expansive chapter on “札幌コンテンポラリー”. Over the course of 60-plus minutes, masterclass producer Laserdisc Visions effortlessly propels listeners through a gamut of mind and body k-holes, from airport terminal headphone funk to pensively penned late nite lounge numbers. This release should be a ‘must grip’ for long time fans of LV’s output and BOTR completists alike.

Limited edition of 150 CDs
Designed by 情報デスクVIRTUAL
Additional design assistance by Paul Browning
Pro-printed inserts

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BOTR012 - MediaFired™ :: “The Pathway Through Whatever” C30
Originally issued via Portuguese imprint Exo Tapes, we are enthralled to once more make available MediaFired’s kaleidoscopic artifact “The Pathway Through Whatever” for a new breed of listeners the world over. Aural architecture subliminally imbued with both pop icons and pariahs are humbly reappropriated far beyond rebirth, making way for a new and aqueous essence to danse and aspirate by way of delicately jarring frequency spectrums and sonically soothing tessiture. This reissue has been carefully re-imagined and encrypted onto cassette tape for maximum enjoyment.

Limited edition of 75 cassette tapes w/ download code
Designed by Whatever™
Additional design assistance by Paul Browning

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BOTR011 - Free Weed :: “Beer On The Drugs” C19
Gnar mom Erik Gage joins BOTR’s ranks and blasts off axe in hand, shredding already spaced faces to flecks of carbon dust. This spliff riffin’ bong pop is not recommended for consumption by DARE members or the faint of heart. Features rubber burnin’ sensations like “Sci-Fi,” “Friend of the Guitar,” and “Caprica”. Pop this bad boy in your home stereo and blaze loudly for good measure.

Limited edition of 50 cassette tapes w/ download code
Art by Erik Gage
Layout/ design by Erik Gage and Chris Uehlein
Photography by Nick Ivy-Royal

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BOTR010 - Boy Snacks C24
This hot pop is defined by its bubble fresh! Have you met the body butter?? It’s too delish for this guy!! Boy Snacks for President! Tres chic Vice Prez interior design guru x-Glam Smith shows up to work on her hoverscooter ~ she works at ESPN as a very VIP sporters reporter when she isnt trailblazing w/ her PTA meeting cuties! Boy Snacks is a diva but he’s great!! I heard he gets tipsy on champagña to make this stuff but you cant really trust People magazine these days ~ LOL! Boy Snacks C24 features fruit gushin’ slammers like “Kiwi Melon,” “4G Kush,” and “401(k)-hole”!

Limited edition of 50 cassette tapes w/ download code
Art layout/ design by Boy Snacks

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BOTR009 - Macintosh Plus :: “Floral Shoppe” C44
Imagine the aphrodisiacal scents present inside this boutique - the wafting air permeates the room with a sticky sweet fragrance borne of yearning buds and vibrant blossoms. Mesmerizing and captivating in its slow burning brilliance, “Floral Shoppe” sees the enigmatic entity behind this project and Laserdisc Visions employing structural sleight of hand and chakra cleansing frequencies with aplomb and finesse. Macintosh Plus subverts minds to heal hearts with her freshly manicured bouquet of love stoned tunes rendered impervious to wilting or fading by nature of their own inherent luminosity.

Limited edition of 100 cassette tapes w/ download code
Contains bonus tracks exclusive to cassette release
Art layout/ design by Macintosh Plus

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We are psyched to share with you the first ever batch of Beer On The Rug tees! Emblazoned with our logo and lovingly screen printed by hand w/ electric sky blue and lavender ink on silvery grey 100% certified organic cotton - these shirts are ultra soft/ light and limited to only 30!


BOTR008 - Dolphin Tears :: “Reflections On Waterfront Property” CDR
Having effectively defeated the leather clad junkies, our humble navigator begins the arduous journey back to a palacial lair that just so happens to be the Casino Gardens. Bryan Ferrari allays all anxieties on this recording with a crystal clear meditation on the stillness of quiet waters and the quiet mind. Recorded live to magnetic tape armed with a Casio SK-1 in August of 2011 at Squeezel’s Lab. Preview

Limited edition of 30 deluxe CDR packs (w/ poster)
Art layout/ design by Bryan Ferrari

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BOTR007 - Napolian / Computer Dreams c36
Synth-funk wiz kid Napolian takes the reins on the bombastic A-side of this split jammer while screensaver cruiser Computer Dreams ghost rides the whip into a jilted PC world on the flip. Here’s your soundtrack for a lucid trip through space with a gun and synth in the backseat.

Limited edition of 100 tapes w/ digital download code
Art layout/ design by Paul Browning

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